About Us

Filtercal is one of the most innovative brands in water filtration today. Filtercal systems are delivering filtered water to customers and protecting our precious environment at the same time. At Filtercal our research and development team are focused on delivering the highest quality of water for our drinking needs and also the water we use for showering and bathing, all at no additional cost to our ecosystem.

So what makes us so different ?

Well, we believe that producing an excellent quality of water does not mean you have to add chemicals to achieve this. In fact, at Filtercal we believe the opposite is better! We filter chemicals and contaminants out of your water while leaving the good minerals in.

For many years, the only way to treat hard water was with a traditional water softener which uses salt. Salt-based water softeners work by using a method called ion exchange. That process is where the resin beads in your water softener exchange the calcium ions for sodium ions meaning no more limescale but it does mean an increased level of sodium in your water supply and diet. The average water softener will backwash 2-3 times per week depending on the water consumption using approximately 55 liters of fresh water per backwash. The water backwashed from salt-based water softeners must be piped into your waste connection to allow the brine water mix (Salt Water) out the drain. If this water quality full of sodium was to run onto a lawn or ditch it would kill any plant life around that area. This water flows into our water table and ecosystem.

With a Filter can water treatment system, you get a system that protects all your appliances from limescale damage with no addition of chemicals and no backwash or electricity used protecting our environment.

A filter can have complete household systems for removal of limescale, chlorine, chemicals, and heavy metals. See our product pages and videos for more details on a suitable filter can system for your water filtration needs.

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